KFC: Little Money Big Fun

The new KFC campaign challenged youngsters to take a stand and show the world that you don’t have to be swimming in cash to be rich in happiness. And for that to happen, we decided to troll the ones who have the most money, the rich kids of Instagram, rich teens that became internet famous for flashing their possessions in front of the world. All Romanian teens had to do was to recreate the rich kids photos with their budget surroundings and props, upload it on our generator and get shared on all KFC’s social media. In a matter of days, our hashtag #littlemoneybigfun took over Facebook and Instagram with hundreds of photos where diamonds were replaced by diamond tattoos, lions by cats, infinity pools with inflatable ones and private jets with toy planes. AWARDS: Eurobest | 2015 | Gold Golden Drum | 2015 | Silver x 2 ONE Show |2015 | Bronze Creativity Awards | 2015 | Gold Cannes Lions | 2015| Shortlist x3 Fab Awards | 2015 | Grand Prix & Gold Fibra Awards | 2015 | Gold & Silver

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