Ciuc Heineken: A New World

We live now. We love the past. We make the future. Welcome to The New World, where people believe in believing, make the impossible happen and challenge the status quo. From a history of oppression, now rises a generation that believes in freedom, they are vocal and willing to do what it takes to create a better future. Ciuc Premium is the beer for these people’s authentic stories and innovative future. It invites everyone to enjoy the modern times entertainment and culture. Therefore, it became the icon of the new Romanian modern times.


Ana Ularu, a young romanian rising star in acting, is an accurate representative of what this new world is, she is authentic, young, free spirited and true to herself.

The streets are full of quotes that speak to us everyday, creating a street language that is representative to our generation. We created a “street poem” with all the quotes found on the streets oh Bucharest. Ana Ularu recites this poem as she walks though the streets and finds these quotes written on the walls. The video is composed of all these instances when Ana finds the written walls, giving the impression she is making the rhymes on the spot as she walks around.

Hypno aka Bogdan Moldoveanu, is a  one of the best romanian film directors. We challenged him to show the New World in his own unique way.

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